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For UX consulting to be effective your UX consultant has to consider two points: 

  • Outstanding UX always depends on the context. Even an UX expert must deeply understand the individual context of use in order to offer the customer the greatest added value. Therefore, I always offer individual consulting.
  • Knowledge transfer is a skill set on its own. Just because one masters a skill does not guarantee competence in terms of coaching and training. Therefore, the UX consultant must not only have the know-how but also the ability to transform his knowledge suitable for different target groups.

Als UX Berater zertifiziert durch UXQB    Als UX Berater zertifiziert durch NNg

15 advanced trainings
We are never done learning - that is true for an UX trainer as well. During my professional career, I have attended and successfully completed more than 15 advanced training courses. These include classic UX topics, but also management and moderation trainings.
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UX consultant since 2012
Since 2012 I consult, coach and lead user-centered projects & facilitate UX trainings.
2 courses of study
I am professionally trained on the technical side (computer science) as well as in cognitive psychology & knowledge transfer. This makes it easy for me to adapt my services as a UX consultant to my audience.
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Individual working methods
Here, you will not get any UX training "off the shelf". Instead, I offer you UX trainings individually tailored to your needs.
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10+ countries
During the last years I have been professionally active in more than 10 countries. No matter whether it is a short journey or flights to the USA or Australia - if required I am happy to come to your company.
1 - 120 000 employees
My professional experience ranges from UX training of small start ups to advanved courses for employees of global corporations. I am looking forward to empower your team as your UX consultant.

Through my double degree in the fields of technical communication and computer science, I learned to structure technical issues, prepare them in a way that is suitable for the target audience and convey them in an easily understandable way.

It has always been important to me to complement my theoretical knowledge as a UX consultant with professional experience in the private sector. This includes worldwide assignments with various major customers as well as the building of internal UX departments. As a UX trainer, I also continued my education after completing my studies and am a UXQB Certified Professional for Usability & User Experience and Nielsen Norman Group Certified User Experience Master.

UX consulting helps you to charge more for your products, not less. If you compete solely on price, then you dont have any durable competative advantage. This is where UX consulting can help: With the help of UX research methods, you can find out how to offer your customers so much added value that they buy your products despite higher prices. Gain an advantage over the competition and learn how to secure your position in the market in the age of the experience economy.

“You cannot not design. Every interface communicates meaning. Make sure that you communicate the right meaning.”

Dominik van Engelen – your UX consultant

Dominik van Engelen - UX consultant Dominik van Engelen - UX consultant

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Good user experience depends on your particular context. I would be happy to discuss with you how I can offer you the greatest possible added value for your current situation. I look forward to a personal conversation!

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