Craft your Interaction
Craft your Interaction

UX Design

Create inspiring and delightful user interfaces: from innovative concepts to information architecture and visual design.

UX design recognizes the role of the UI for the user

The user interface is the central point of interaction between humans and technology. Only by using the UI can the user communicate with the software and address their tasks. It is the UX designers’ job to make this interaction as efficient and effortless as possible.

Therefore, the UI (and the UX design) has a direct impact on the extent to which the user finds the technology useful. If the user interface concept is not given enough attention, the entire product suffers from a troublesome UI, not just the user interface itself.

In user-centered design (UCD), the user is seen as a central part of the value chain. The UX designer specifically integrates users into the analysis and test phase of each cycle to ensure good user experience.

User Centred Design Lifecycle

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

Frank Chimero, Designer

Typically a UX centred project goes through the following phases:
Analysis, design, validation, specification and development. Based on the user studies (validation) there will be several iterations of the user-centred design cycle. It is also possible to integrate user-centred approaches in sequential  approaches, although an agile environment is better to fine-tune the concept on the way.

For each activity during an iteration, there are specific UX methods that can be applied by an UX researcher or an UX designer. Depending on the question, the methods can be used individually or combined. The holistic approach makes it possible to create an extraordinary user experience. These methods include:

Anforderungsanalysen für das UX Design

For the analysis:

  • Context interviews
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Personas

Prototyping, Design Sprints und Design Thinking

For UX design / prototyping:

  • Design Sprints
  • Low fidelity – high fidelity prototypes
  • Card sorting, wording, naming

Validierung und Usability Tests

For validation:

  • Lab studies
  • Field studies
  • UX heuristics

UX design enhances the overall process

From new ideas to building prototypes to user studies for new user interfaces – I am looking forward to support you with my knowledge to create a great user experience.


Every kind of product / project, for which the interaction should be user centred, intuitive and suited to the users’ needs – whether it is optimization of existing products or new product development.


Conception of a good user interface, i.e. efficient task completion, ergonomic interaction and dialogue design, reduction of information to the essentials and a positive overall experience in dealing with the interface (user experience). As a result, a holistic concept becomes available, which is then optimized from the navigation structure, information hierarchy and terminology to individual interactive operating elements (widgets, controls) and visual design. How far the concept should be developed (from sketches / wireframes / low fidelity prototypes to interactive visual prototypes) is up to you.


In order to create a positive user experience, a large number of
methods are available, including:

  • User research in the form of context analyses and participatory observation to determine the context of use.
  • Card sorting, wording and naming to determine terminology and information architecture.
  • Structure prototyping to compare the information architecture with the mental model of the user and validation of the user guidance / navigation structure.
  • Interactive prototypes as basis for discussion, specification and usability tests.
  • Usability tests for validation of existing products or concepts and integration of user feedback to avoid expensive wrong decisions.

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