Master your User Experience
Master your User Experience

UX Trainings

Profit long term by learning UX methods, user centred processes and best practices from the expert - individually tailored to your needs.

Competitive advantage through user research

False requirements are expensive. They cost money, time and make your projects unviable. Meta analysis on failed projects has shown that, incomplete or changing requirements represent the main reason why projects are unsuccessful.

But do the requirements for a product really change over time? Or is it not so much the requirements themselves, but rather our understanding of the user’s needs that shifts our perception?
If you try to save money by skipping user-centered requirements engineering, you risk:

  • missing your unique selling point
  • implementing redundant features
  • lacking the necessary features
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Ineffective requirements engineering results in dramatic derived costs, as shown in the following graph:

UX Trainings Folgekosten

Source: „Cost-Justifying Usability“ – Randolph G. Bias, IBM Corporation, Austin Texas

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

Therefore, the main goal should be to accurately and reliably gather your user requirements as early as possible. Thanks to my contextual analysis seminars you can learn a unique method to systematically gather user requirements, evaluate them and document them in a structured format. This provides the foundation for innovative products that deliver outstanding user experience.

Among the wide range of UX trainings and workshops offered, you can find:

  • 1 day basic workshop to increase understanding
  • 2 days method workshop to learn the basic methods
  • 3 days intensive workshop to learn and practice the methods

The content of the trainings and workshops is tailored to your current level of expertise. It is adjusted to the audiences’ background and based on state-of-the-art research methods, that enable knowledge transfer in the most effective ways. Thus, getting you the most value for your UX training.

Profit from context knowledge through individual UX trainings

Building a knowledge base for your company adds value to more than just the current project. Your teams will be more efficient in exchanging information – from functional requirements and design reasonings, to choosing the right terminology.

Target group

Everybody who has to deal with user requirements in their job:

  • consultants
  • project managers
  • product managers
  • developers
  • quality controllers
  • sales personnel
  • marketing departments
  • strategic deciders
  • product owners


Learn a method to

  • gather user requirements in a systematic way
  • distinguish user wishes from user requirements
  • ask the right questions to understand your users
  • document tasks and action sequence steps
  • build a solid foundation for great UX
  • become more efficient and have satisfied customers


  • Why conduct requirements analysis?
  • How to differentiate contextual analysis from other methods?
  • How to interview customers in a systematic way?
  • What are the conditions for conducting user research?
  • How to minimize project risks?
  • How to achieve customer satisfaction?
  • How to avoid false requirements?


The participants learn to systematically derive user requirements. They are guided through a working model, complemented by several exercises. The focus is on understanding the underlying task context – instead of focusing directly on possible solutions, the problem space is captured in a structured way

Your UX Training / UX Workshop on request

You need an effective UX training or UX workshop to address a specific topic? At UX Academy we look forward to working with you and finding out together, how can we add the most value to your company: whether it is through an UX strategy workshop, the improvement of your agile methods (e.g. SCRUM) with the help of UX trainings or the teaching of user interface rules every developer should know. Our expertise and modern design thinking methods will provide the support you need.

How can we help you?

You want to empower your employees through UX training, build internal expertise or need support with user-centric projects? Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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